Tattoo/Consultation Request for Drew

Please read the following before submitting your request:

1. Please be patient!  Allow up to 1 week for a response.

2. Submitting a request is not a guarantee that you will be put on the calendar.  If you get tired of waiting, please ask for a referral to another artist.

3. Usual wait-time for a tattoo by Drew is 1-3 months.  Once your request has been received, you likely will not know a definite tattoo date until about 2 weeks ahead of time.

4. Standard rate for a tattoo by Drew is $120/hour of tattooing time.

5. A deposit of up to $200 will be collected to secure your appointment time, and is non-refundable.

6. Please allow at least 1 week notice if you need to delay your tattoo appointment.

7. Final drawings should not be expected until the day of your tattoo appointment.

8. Available space for large, multi-session projects is extremely limited.  Preference is given to tattoos in the 2-5 hour range.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning Fall 2019 Drew will be tattooing in the Louisville, KY area, with occasional visits to Bluebird Tattoo. Availability in Portage will be extremely limited from here on out!


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