American Red Cross Blood Drive - May 11!

Bluebird Tattoo is proud to partner with the American Red Cross once again for our 5th annual Leave Your Mark Blood Drive!  Did you know that you CAN donate blood, even if you have recent tattoo work?  As long as the work was done in a regulated facility (Bluebird Tattoo, for example) you are good to go!  In order to raise awareness of this change in rules, we sponsor this nationally recognized Blood Drive which has already provided over 120 units of blood for people in need!

Sign up here or go to and use the sponsor code "bluebirdtattoo" 

Our Story

        Bluebird Tattoo was born on April 25, 2003 for the purpose of providing a place for Drew and friends to do as many awesome tattoos as humanly possible. 
        In 14 years of business, over 40,000 amazing tattoos have walked out our door, spreading joy and love, and improving the lives of thousands of amazing people from all walks of life.
        Bluebird Tattoo is also home to the nationally recognized "Leave Your Mark" blood drive, which was founded in partnership with the American Red Cross in order to inform people that you CAN donate blood even if you have new or recent tattoo artwork. This campaign has been featured on the ARC national Facebook page, as well as
        Last but not least, we have an award-winning bathroom! We received NPR's "Chicago Toilet of the Week" award and were featured on the hit podcast "How to do Everything."
        Come on down to scenic Portage, Indiana and visit Bluebird Tattoo for a world-class tattoo experience. See you there!

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Care Instructions

  • Remove bandage after 2-3 hours. Wash tattoo thoroughly with gentle soap and warm water (use your hand, no rag, but scrub well). Rinse with warm water, then cold water. Pat dry thoroughly with paper towel and allow to air-dry. Repeat this washing process at the end of each shower for the next week or so.

  • When tattoo feels too dry/tight/flaky, use an UNSCENTED moisturizing lotion to restore moisture and flexibility. During the day, you should not apply anything to your tattoo except this lotion.

  • To reduce the incidence of scabbing, bandage the tattoo the first 2-3 nights. Coat with petroleum jelly & cover with plastic wrap taped in place. In the morning, the tattoo will have drained out a sticky substance called serous fluid. If this fluid is allowed to dry on the tattoo's surface, scabs will form. Wash tattoo thoroughly to remove all traces of this stuff, then dry and moisturize as before.

    • Foot Tattoos: follow this process when wearing shoes instead of at night.


  • No swimming for about a week

  • No tanning or sun exposure

  • No picking, scratching, or pulling of scabs/flakes (eww!)


Any Problems or Questions Please Call Us Immediately! (219.764.4466)

Touch-Ups: Hopefully you won't need any! But if you do, tattoo must heal for at least a month. However, if you wait longer than 3 months from the date of the tattoo, you will have to pay for it. Get that stuff done!

Avoid Touch-Ups - Give Your Tattoo Proper Care!!